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Discovering the Hidden Gems of Swiss Culture

by Raphael Salamanca on Mar 12, 2023

Discovering the Hidden Gems of Swiss Culture
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Exploring the World of Swiss Comic Art

People have long known Switzerland for its stunning natural landscapes, iconic architecture, and world-renowned chocolate and watches. However, Swiss comic art, another impressive aspect of Swiss culture, often goes unnoticed.

Swiss comic art has a rich history, dating back to the early 20th century with the publication of the satirical magazine, "Nebelspalter." Over the years, Swiss artists have contributed significantly to the world of comic art, with many of them achieving international acclaim.

Comic artists

Moreover, Cosey, whose real name is Bernard Cosendai, is one of the most famous Swiss comic artists. His work has spanned decades and includes a variety of genres, such as adventure and romance. His most popular series, "Jonathan," is a beloved classic in Switzerland and has been translated into several languages, including English.

Additionally, Philippe Chappuis, also known as Zep, is another notable Swiss comic artist. Zep is particularly recognized for his work on "Titeuf," which chronicles the adventures of a young boy as he navigates through childhood. This series has grown into a cultural phenomenon in Switzerland. It consists of a wide range of merchandise including books, comics, toys, and video games

In addition to Cosey and Zep, there are many other talented Swiss comic artists, such as Derib, Frederik Peeters, and Tom Tirabosco, to name a few. Each artist has their unique style and voice, making the art scene diverse and exciting.


The government recognizes the significance of this genre and has created various programs and initiatives to support and promote it. Case in point is the Comic Museum located in Geneva, which is devoted to displaying the works of comic artists. Consequently, this aids in preserving the history of comic art in Switzerland.

The art scene continues to evolve and grow, with new artists emerging and established artists continuing to push boundaries. 


Swiss comic art is a fascinating and often overlooked aspect of Swiss culture. With its rich history, diverse artists, and government support, the art is a thriving and exciting scene that deserves more attention.